Welcome to Almond Credit Back

Welcome to Almond Credit Back

Welcome to Almond Credit BackWelcome to Almond Credit BackWelcome to Almond Credit Back

About Us

We submit the claims and you get the credit!


Have you received your invoice credit from the Almond Board of California? 

If the answer is no, you’re not alone. Many handlers leave these funds unclaimed each year. 

The Facts: Almond handlers may request credit off their assessment invoices for their branded promotional activities, including paid advertising. (Refer to Title 7: Department of Agriculture, Part 981– Almonds Grown in California—Section 981.441.) Surprisingly, approximately 80% of almond handlers do not submit reimbursement claims, leaving funds unclaimed that could potentially fund additional promotional activities or offset other expenses. 

What can I expect?


  • A Non-Disclosure Agreement to promise that information conveyed will be maintained in secrecy.
  • A 15-minute discovery with Cheryl Finn to determine activities that will qualify for credit back. 
  • Our team will request contact information for a designated accounting person and a marketing manager.
  • Our team will develop your activity timeline and periodically request backup throughout the fiscal year.
  • Our team will monitor Almond Board deadlines, so you won’t have to.
  • Results: Within the first 30 days or by the next assessment period. 

Find a need and fill it


 I have been told by handler employees that building credit-back claims require resources to plan and execute that simply are not available.


Thankfully, almond handlers and their staffs are running successful businesses that require a high level of continuous dedication to their respective responsibilities.  Although the value of the Credit-Back Program is obvious, taking on another task is not always an option.

The Almond Credit Back Team at Cheryl Finn Consulting, LLC is available to assist almond handlers with full service results.  Let us help return those marketing funds back into your hands.

Bio: Cheryl Finn


  Before launching Cheryl Finn Consulting, LLC I was employed by the Almond Board of California and enjoyed working with fellow staff members, almond industry members in our community, and committee members over the course of ten years.

During that time, I provided administrative, bookkeeping and secretarial assistance to the Vice President and the Global Marketing team. It is possible that we may have worked together if you have attended meetings or contributed your time to the Global Market Development Committees or Subcommittees. I enjoyed providing logistics coordination for trade shows and international media tour groups hosted by the Almond Board.

When I moved to accounting and administration, one of my responsibilities became the almond handler liaison and reviewer of submitted claims for the Credit-Back Program, the reimbursement program offered by the Almond Board of California.  In this capacity I gained valuable experience in what is required to meet the guidelines for reimbursement.  Who could be better suited to help you submit reimbursement claims for your branded marketing expenses, than someone who spent years reviewing submitted claims for the Almond Board of California? 

My work experience spans multiple industries; wineries, education, automotive, nonprofits, software startups, art licensing, and small office management. I have spent my professional career experiencing the ins and outs of business processes and business operations. From human resources, accounting & finance to marketing and customer service. I am a highly organized and disciplined individual who prides myself on communication and transparency with clients and partners. My goal is to simplify your business process by making simple adjustments and automation to create an environment that results in more time saved for you and your staff. 

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